Genung F1000Hello! I am Mark Genung, a Postdoctoral Associate in Rachael Winfree‘s lab at Rutgers University. My research aims to understand the ecology of plant communities, with a particular interest in plant-pollinator interactions, the development of novel quantitative methods, and the relationship between biodiversity and ecosystem function.

My current position is focused on data analysis, and I am developing new approaches for questions broadly relevant to community ecology such as: 1) adapting the Price equation to understand the relative importance of richness, composition, and abundance for the temporal and spatial stability of ecosystem services and 2) null models to evaluate common assumptions made in the ecological networks literature. Before that, I completed my PhD in the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville where I worked with Jen Schweitzer and Joe Bailey, researching how intraspecific variation in plants affected a number of community and ecosystem responses, including above- and belowground plant productivity, pollinator visitation, and nutrient cycling.